Autumn update
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Autumn update

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  • 2019/10/32
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Hello, guys! I was pretty quiet for the last few months, but I was not idle. Wanna tell you about some stuff I made.

So, what’s new? First of all I want to say that we are fully ready for upcoming November fork. Smooth transition, no issues. Miner is already updated. It’s redesigned by the way, and looks much cooler! Hope you noticed website is redesigned also, as well as solo mining sub-site. Server side is updated also - currently we have 112 days of uptime on web mining server and 67 days of uptime on regular mining server.

But the biggest thing I did is not technical work. Almost every day I’m receiving support emails where people asking to clarify some things. I checked documentation and found it awful. So I fully rewrote some articles, added Solo Script part and... And made YouTube channel with video guides helping to understand how to do stuff. How to upload solo script, how to setup it, how to preconfigure GUI Miner to work with your site and so on. Even how to create BTC wallet ;) Let me know if you’ll find some part of docs still hard to understand.

Other minor updates:

-GUI Miner update to grab user’s balance online (solo script update to do the same).

-Solo script payment optimization. Also organized links.

-Solo sub-site redesign. It now contains beautiful hashrate charts like you have in your dashboards.

-Support page added to the main site

Feel free to contact me and stay tuned for new updates!

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