Console mining support released!
  • Written by Deep64 team
  • March 15th, 2018
  • About CLI mining

Console mining support released!

  • Deep64 team
  • @deep64team
  • 2018/03/15
  • CLI mining
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Hello guys!

We are very happy to announce that WebMinePool is ready to accept command line miner traffic. Your users can now point their processors and graphics cards towards our pool for a much larger, more optimized hashrate compared to traditional browser mining. All your users must do is use any cryptonight-friendly miner, point it towards our pool, and use your site_key along with their username (on your website), and you will both get paid.

Check it out for yourself!

We hope you like it as much as we do! All miners and pre-generated configs are free and downloadable. The download provided is a quickly-written example to show what you can build with our HTTP API (we are very good at what we do)! While the script is secure and can be used without modifications, it is recommended to add some customizations. If anything, make sure to use manual payouts to avoid any shady withdrawals. This is to serve as a reference for developers. It does not even need a database!

As a publisher, think of this script as a faucet, but better. A faucet that is 100% protected by bots and requires no ads to profit off of. You can run a site just like ours with our open-source software! You earn a percentage of your total user hashrate. The more users you have = the more profit you make. We have also added two brand new functions to our API:



Usernames can be created automatically when a user enters their FaucetHub btc address, or be created manually. Referrals are now a part of our API. When you are using a user_balance function, it shows not only a balance, but also this new field. All referral information can be stored on our side, further streamlining your experience. We have also added a simple but very useful PHP library to use with our HTTP API. This is available to download and is already integrated with the base script. A documentation with more details will be added in the upcoming days. A script setup guide is already included.

Among all of this good news, we unfortunately have some bad as well :( Cryptonight profitability has been falling considerably this past month and it does not seem to want to stop going that direction. We are working on not relying on cryptonight’s volatile rates for your profits. The first step is launching CLI (command line interface) mining. The next step will be working on the addition to add the option of mining other, more profitable algorithms. Stay strong! We promise to bring you higher profits in the future. The new rate of 105 satoshis per one million hashes is still higher than our competitors. Coinhive, for example, only pays 80 satoshi per million hashes, and does not provide CLI mining.

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