Command line UPDATE and other stuff.
  • Written by Deep64 team
  • April 10th, 2018
  • About V7 Update

Command line UPDATE and other stuff.

  • Deep64 team
  • @deep64team
  • 2018/04/10
  • V7 Update
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Hello guys!

As you know, there are good things happening within our mining community. Yesterday, we announced that our rates per million hashes would be increasing. We are halfway there!

All command line miners are ready for the update on our end. We now accept cryptonightv7 hashes from them. We are still working on implementing the cryptonightv7 to browser miners. Since we cannot increase rates for the whole pool (till we finish with web mining), we thought of a way to boost earnings for command line miners and boost your own income. All hashes sent through the new cryptonightv7 algorithm will be doubled. This means, if your users mined 10 million hashes, their hashes (and yours) will be counted as 15 million hashes. This is the equivalent to increasing payouts per million hashes from 100 satoshi to 150 satoshi. (Yes, we know we expected 2x, but network hashrate is recoveryng).

With today’s XMR price and difficulty, profits are great. However, this cannot be sustained forever as more miners start mining XMR. Rates will drop eventually, however, they should be better than they were compared to the original cryptonight algorithm.

Easy explanation (hypothetical): If a user mined for 1,000 hashes, and he mined for 1,000 satoshi, 800 satoshi would go to him and 200 would go to you. With the update, if the same user sent you 1,000 hashes, he would be credited for 1,500 hashes. This would mean he earned 1,200 satoshi and 300 satoshi would go to you.1.5x profits for you and your users. If this does not make too much sense to you, think of it this way. All of your users hashes now have a 50% bonus. This means their earnings are doubled and so are yours.

If you are using solo_script please update it in order to benefit from the 50% bonus payments: solo-script-1.1

If you have customized your script and don’t want to lose your changes, replace config.php (php, not json) and redo the configuration part of the homepage (index.php lines 50-60). Update miner links as well (we are using xmr-stak, can be downloaded here). This is our preferred miner, however, any miner with v7 algorithm support works.

Your new config auto generation link will look like this:

If your users setup their miners manually, make sure you prompt them to change their pool port from :3333 to :3386 and update their miners. Everyone who is mining using software that is not compatible with the new v7 algorithm will be banned by IP (only from mining, not from your site). They will be unbanned once things get sorted out, but, it will take some time if it gets to that point. Please be attentive and have your miners update accordingly.

The old CLI mining server will accept hashes for no more than 48 hours by the time this post is published. Make sure your miners use this time window to update accordingly.

To all publishers who have majority of browser miners out there, we have not forgotten about you. We will update browser mining to cryptonightv7 soon, don’t worry. Currently we are working on a solution, and it’s harder than we thought. Our estimating time is 3-4 days more.

Our support is ready to help you. Contact us - [email protected]

Happy earnings, everyone!

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