Big update released
  • Written by Deep64 team
  • February 5th, 2019
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Big update released

  • Deep64 team
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  • 2019/02/05
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Hello, guys!

More than one year ago I started webminepool as a web mining service and now looking back I can see what a big path we went through! Now, I believe (maybe I don’t know about someon) we are the most stable mining provider in microearnings world. WebMinePool is much more than web mining service, moreover web mining even not main direction of our work. We had good and bad moments, rates went up and down, servers wen up and down :D My desire to develop went up and down, and many other stuff happened. But we are (you and me) are still here and I’m not going anywhere else, how about you?

Even now, when ctyprocurrency world is struggling mining still profitable and WebMinePool stays here to deliver services for you. Finally I went out from winter hubernation and glad to deliver new update for you.

Key changes areas:

Multialgo becomes mandatory

In the previous update multialgo system were added. This function allows webminepool to control and change mining algorithm on client side to acheive best profitability at the moment. This function already implemented in the WMPGUIMiner and information about current algo is ready here.

Considering that core algorithm we are using (cryptonight) made huge profitability drop last month I made a system which will guarantee better profits for everyone who follows algorithm changes. You and your users still can mine on the base (cryptonight) algo, but your profits will be lower comparing to profits you can make if you will follow most profitable algos.

-Rate calculation update

There are a lot of forks of cryptonight algorithm which are showing different performance on a different hardware and have different profitability. To simplify understanding and to avoid any misunderstandings I developed system which will add different amount of hashes depending on profitability and algorithm performance. Cryptonight was taken as standard. So when you are submitting 1000 cn hashes you are getting 1000 hashes, but if you are submitting 1000 hashes mined using cryptonight heavy algo, you are getting 1500 hashes on the pool side. This leads to increase price per hash on 50%. But it doesn’t mean your profits will increase on 50% - heavy algo is slower like 1.2-1.3x, so you will get 20-30% profit boost comparing to basic cryptonight.

More detailed table is available here. Preferably algo monitoring will be added to dashboard soon. For technical purposes it’s available here in JSON format.

WebMinePool is backing to automated rate calculation

Base price per hash now will be automaticly taken basing on network hashrate, reward and price for coin in BTC. Updates every hour.

GUI Miner update

-Miner is updated to support all current and incoming algoritms.
-Also now it shows mining speed as well as name of current mining algoritm.
-Added function which allows to pair miner with solo script to show user’s balance right in the miner.
-Video insctruction for site owners is available here

Solo script update

-Old miner links and stuff completely removed.
-Added ability to pair script with the miner and show balance in the miner.
-Added displaying information about current preferable algorithm.
-Video insctruction about solo script set up on the free hosting is available here.

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